Construction of new business park and commercial units

  • Date: Jan-Aug 2022
  • Material: 0/40mm and 0/10mm IBA Aggregate

Project Details: 
Rock Solid were pleased to supply over 5000tn of IBA Aggregate for use as a bulk fill to form the structural platform for the units, subbase car parks and access roads and pipe bedding requirements. 

A highly cost effective option which greatly supports the projects overall budget. Reliable and consistent volume, while successfully offering the desired performance. 

‘We’ve been using IBA aggregate for a while now and always find it works well on our sites. It’s also a great help towards our sustainability commitments’ – Company Director 


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Since its establishment in 2006, Rock Solid has specialised in the processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) generated by Energy from Waste plants across both The UK and Europe, and also the high quality recovery of both metals and aggregate streams from within the IBA itself.

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