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Mineral rest streams from Energy from Waste processes are generally regarded as a waste by-product, but not by the team at Rock Solid. For us, these rest streams are a new sustainable and renewable resource serving to support a developing and expanding circular economy.

About us

Since its establishment in 2006, Rock Solid has specialised in the processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) generated by Energy from Waste plants across both The UK and Europe, and also the high quality recovery of both metals and aggregate streams from within the IBA itself.

Rock Solid are not only market leaders in the recovery of both Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals from IBA,  but also in the production and associated distribution of IBA Aggregates (IBAA) into local and national construction markets. Rock Solid offer their valued customers sustainable, reliable and cost effective solutions, in both a trusted and transparent way.

With many years of experience, extending much further back than the establishment of Rock Solid itself, we possess extensive knowledge of applicable markets, and have built a global network in the respective sectors along the chain. Solid cooperation with the right parties is the cornerstone of our way of working.

Looking for a sustainable solution?

Rock Solid is not only your partner when it comes to providing advice on reprocessing IBA from Energy from Waste plants (EfWs), but we are also able to provide informed, reliable and technically competent advice regarding a wealth of specific issues concerning the recovered commodities, associated environmental aspects and can also evidence exactly how IBA processing helps to form a crucial link in a Sustainable Circular Economy. 

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