Energy from Waste (EfW)

To help reduce our combined carbon footprint and to prevent waste going to landfill, non-reusable domestic waste and mixed commercial waste is now Incinerated within Energy from Waste plants (EfW) in many areas of The UK and Europe.

This strictly controlled incineration process produces valuable energy which is subsequently fed back into the National Grid or directly into local communities. The residual material which is generated from this incineration process is called Incinerator Bottom Ash or IBA.

Processing & Recovery

Rock Solid is not only your partner when it comes to providing advice about reprocessing IBA from Energy from Waste plants (EfWs), but is also able to provide informed, reliable and technically competent advice regarding a wealth of specific issues concerning the recovered commodities, the associated environmental aspects and can also evidence exactly how IBA processing helps to form a crucial link in the Sustainable Circular Economy chain in a cost effective manner.

The Incinerator Bottom Ash received from Energy from Waste plants, is processed by Rock Solid using both mobile and/or fixed installations placed at strategic locations throughout the UK. By maintaining this agile and adaptable approach, we are able to offer great flexibility via the use of mobile installations, thereby avoiding unnecessary transport movements, associated emissions and large investment. Our fixed installations cater for the larger higher volume permanent hubs, where we are able to process multiple IBA streams producing large tonnages on a more consistent basis.

Quality Control

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Rock Solid is continually engaged in improving the quality of its processes and products via both back room research and our on-site laboratory facilities throughout our operations. With our expertise in the areas of logistics, processing, high quality metals recovery, and the application of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregates (IBAA) within The UK and Eurpoe, we have actively contributed to the establishment of both national and international legislation and regulations in a number of areas. Our fully controlled processes are certified and accredited according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, including a comprehensive Factory Production Control scheme for the production of our IBAA.


The IBA recovery process is continuously monitored via our own in-house laboratory and dedicated technical team who work closely with the very best independent UKAS accredited laboratories in the UK to ensure all necessary environmental and civil engineering tests are maintained.

This extremely thorough process works in tandem with our operations team, who configure and adjust the processing plant to ensure optimum recovery of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals is achieved for subsequent reprocessing and recycling further along the chain. This process also ensures the various IBA Aggregate (IBAA) fractions are produced according to the correct specifications required for their end use as a cost effective building material in the construction sector.

Final result

Through this controlled and effective high performance recovery process, Rock Solid are able to extract and recycle high volumes of valuable commodities such as metals and aggregates, which would otherwise go to landfill, thereby ensuring renewable resources are available for generations to come. Furthermore, by completing the waste cycle, Rock Solid are firmly supporting the wider Circular Economy and helping the UK to achieve its Zero to Waste sustainability goals, hence our company motto of ‘From Waste to Value’

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