From the outset, Rock Solid has always aimed at continuing to take the reprocessing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) and the production of IBA Aggregate (IBAA) to a consistently higher level.

An example of this being the initiative that the founders of Rock Solid took in 2008 to create a dedicated committee made up of university delegates, research institutes and concrete industry partners across The Netherlands, who conducted extensive research into the use of IBA Aggregate (IBAA) within concrete applications. After much hard work and collaboration, the successful conclusion to this research was the approval and acceptance of IBA aggregate (IBAA) being used in certain specific concrete applications. This same methodology and mindset was then brought to the UK, where Rock Solid have achieved End of Waste status via The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for IBAA use within specific concrete and grouting products within Scotland. 

All IBAA used in concrete products is tested and certified in accordance with the relevant BS EN 12620 requirements. 

Typical bound applications include:

  • Lego interlocking blocks
  • Retaining wall segments 
  • Grouting bulk infill applications 
  • Curb mix concrete

Other innovative solutions include the use of IBA Aggregate (IBAA) dry mixed with recycled soils, sand and cement to create stabilized floating structural platforms for commercial/industrial units and solar farms.

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Rock Solid

We drive innovation forward using waste streams

In an ever changing and more environmentally aware world, Rock Solid will continue to embrace and drive innovation forward using waste streams, and are firmly committed to working in partnership with our valued customers should a project have any bespoke requirements. 

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