17 December 2020


Our charities for this year.

The past year will be remembered as a year of crisis and adversity. The Covid19 pandemic has affected us all. Some directly and one heavier than the other, anyway the world in which we live has changed for everyone.

Waste disposal is a vital process and waste collection continues unabated, because of this we, together with our business partners, were still able to do a relatively large amount of work in 2020.

This year we will again refrain from sending business gifts. Instead, we support:

- Austell Foodbank (charity no. 1128866) - www.staustell.foodbank.org.uk
- Exeter Foodbank (charity no. 1128795) - www.exeter.foodbank.org.uk
- Voedselbank Alkmaar (aangesloten bij ANBI) - www.voedselbankalkmaar.nl

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From waste to value

We are Rock Solid

Rock Solid are not only market leaders in the recovery of both Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals from IBA,  but also in the production and associated distribution of IBA Aggregates (IBAA) into local and national construction markets. Rock Solid offer their valued customers sustainable, reliable and cost effective solutions, in both a trusted and transparent way.

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