6 April 2021

Supporting Food Banks

Rock Solid supporting food banks during Covid 19 pandemic.

To continue our ongoing commitment to helping those less fortunate then ourselves during these challenging and difficult times, Rock Solid are very proud to have made a formal donation to The Exmouth Food Bank ( https://exmouthfoodbank.org.uk/ ) to help the wonderful volunteers provide local families with the basic food and essentials that they need.

Do please take a look at their website to learn more about the wonderful work that goes on there, and if you are able, please make a donation if you can.


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Rock Solid are not only market leaders in the recovery of both Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals from IBA,  but also in the production and associated distribution of IBA Aggregates (IBAA) into local and national construction markets. Rock Solid offer their valued customers sustainable, reliable and cost effective solutions, in both a trusted and transparent way.

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